Merkez Zekeriyaköy

Merkez Zekeriyaköy | 19.06.2013

Living in Zekeriyaköy is the real award for living in a city with the beat like Istanbul…

There are 50 units of duplex penthouse flats, 50 units of duplex garden flats and 6 units of semi-detached triplex flats available within the Merkez Zekeriyaköy, which contains 106 houses in 28 blocks over an area of 25.360 m2.

83% of the project is open air and landscape, banks and restaurants are nearby, Göçmen’s Ranch Riding Club and Zekeriyaköy Sporting Club are your next door neighbours, access is very easy since it is located on the main route.. Merkez Zekeriyaköy contains many activity areas like Mini Golf Course, Tennis Court, Outdoor Swimming Pools, Sun Bathing Terraces, Basketball Court, Outdoor Fitness Areas, Pergolas, Decorative Pools, Flower Gardens, Cafe, Billiard Room, Children’s Play Room, Fitness Club, Pilates Lounge, Sauna, Children’s Play Room, Children’s Play Parks, Children’s Swimming Pool, Fruit Gardens..

It is only “one step” away from the rich and vibrant city life of Istanbul, yet it is at the centre of the nature, Zekeriyaköy, a special living quarters that is suitable for the human nature.

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