As Ortadoğu Grup our fundamental goal is to contribute to the society and environment which we are in, with the work and projects that we do. We are maintaining our social responsibility projects in the fields of education and culture. Our activities in this field are;


When compared to buildings similar to the Beyoğlu Education and Culture Foundation’s building, it has been planned in a way to meet the demands of education as a modern complex with its incredible architecture. This structure which is made up of 2 main buildings covers a construction site of 14,000m². Whether it is with its functionality or with its architecture, the Beyoğlu Education Foundation is providing liveliness to the area it is in and this distinguished monument is serving as the Beyoğlu Anadolu İmam Hatip Lisesi (Beyoğlu Anatolian Imam Hatip High School) at the moment.


The Güneysu Cultural Center, constructed in 6 short months in Rize Güneysu and which began providing services in June 2007 has been designed within the lines of the architecture of Karadeniz. The Güneysu Cultural Center which has the most important feature of the region, this being the outer-face of the building to be stunning with the use of hardwood, has 16 guest rooms, 1 wedding and meeting hall with a capacity of 700 people and in addition to these, public education halls. Ortadoğu Group’s social purposed project dedicated to the Ministry of National Education and the people of Rize.